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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Installation

  • Can I install your product myself?

    Our antenna system is easy to install and most producers opt to install GrainViz themselves. Please see our installation video found on our website and YouTube Channel. You can also view our install guide here.

  • Can you arrange installation?

    GrainViz can arrange a 3rd party installation with a preferred vendor. Please contact your local representative to see a list of certified GrainViz installers.

  • Notifications

  • How am I alerted?

    GrainViz can customize the forms of alerts related to your bins that suit you best. We can notify you via email, SMS (text message) or phone call. These alerts are based on the parameters that you set.

  • Security

  • Is my data safe?

    GrainViz recognizes the importance of producer’s inventory. We treat your data to the same standards as banks and credit card companies.

  • Will my inventory and bin data be released?

    Your data belongs to you. We make use of your data to improve our services but will never release your data to a 3rd party without your permission. If you are a client of a complimentary service we are willing to share your data only with your permission.

  • Technology

  • How much power is used to produce the radio waves that generate the detailed moisture mapping images?

    GrainViz uses very low power radio waves (less than what a mobile phone produces) to build a 3D image of your stored grain. They do not pose any harm to humans or commodities all while ensuring the highest quality and most profitable crop possible.

  • How accurate are the images produced by the GrainViz system?

    Depending on the size of your bin, the images produced are extremely accurate and represent pockets of grain that range in size from a softball to beach ball ensuring visibility into every bushel.

  • Do I have to pay for new or updated technology?

    No. Your participation in the GrainViz program ensures that you are always running the latest technology and software at no extra cost to you. Upgrading the latest versions is similar to updating an app on your mobile or tablet device.

  • What happens if a sensor breaks, is my service interrupted?

    The GrainViz system comes with 24 antennas which means that if one goes down, your imaging and monitoring will not be affected and will continue to produce and provide you with high quality images and data. GrainViz will alert you to which antenna needs replacing. We will ship you a new one at no cost for the lifetime of your participation in the program. We know that your bins are full and you don’t need the hassle of having to empty them resulting in possibly damaging your commodities. We’ve taken care of this upfront to give you the flexibility of waiting until the bin is empty to replace.

  • Warranty

  • What is your Warranty Policy?

    GrainViz provides a limited lifetime warranty on all equipment. As long as you’re a subscriber to the GrainViz program, damaged equipment will be replaced at no additional cost.

  • Disaster Relief Management

  • In case of an emergency, who do I contact?

    Emergency Bin Turning Service (EBT). GrainViz can arrange for emergency bin turning. GrainViz prides itself on giving producers as much notice as possible when potential problems arise. You’re alerted to potential situations often months before it becomes a problem. However, producers aren’t always available to attend to our recommendations. In an emergency situation, GrainViz can and will send a turning crew to your bin with prior EBT service subscription. Please ask your local representative to see if EBT is available in your area.