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AGCO’s GSI & GrainViz Brand Partnership

GSI, a core brand of AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), and 151 Research announced an exclusive technology partnership to improve grain quality by changing the way grain is monitored and managed. The initial offering will bring growers and commercial operators advanced insight into the moisture content of each individual bushel of grain in a steel storage bin.

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GrainViz System

Using proven medical imaging technology, GrainViz provides you with real-time insight of all bushels within your bin.

The GrainViz system can be used to not only detect early signs of spoilage, but to condition crop carefully and accurately, potentially enabling an earlier and higher quality harvest.

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Award Winning Technology

The GrainViz system received a 2018 AE50 award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Today's AE50 winners include machines, systems, components, software and services ranked highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact for the markets they serve.

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Maximize the return on your harvest.

Accuracy of drying allows for weeks of earlier harvest. This results in grain quality improvement (higher protein and oil percentages).

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Never see spoilage again.

Detect spoilage before it occurs through our detailed imaging reports.

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Save 20-30% of your energy consumption.

Save money on energy costs through optimized conditioning (moisture readings combined with local weather station data).

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Grain bin monitoring in 3-D

April 5, 2018 Ron Lyseng

BRANDON — The latest grain bin sensor technology uses radios mounted inside bin walls, broadcasting and receiving signals that translate into three-dimensional images of moisture conditions and potential problems within your bins.

VIDEO: A 3D view of the grain inside your bin

January 22, 2018 Greg Berg

Inventors' Showcase entrant at Manitoba Ag Days showcased serious technology to help spot spoilage before it occurs.

Detecting spoilage before it starts

August 1, 2017 Ron Friesen

An adaptation of cancer-screening technology offers a better and safer way to check for grain bin moisture, with a bonus of theft detection.

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